Do you know SimpleViewer ?
SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application developed by AIRTIGHT INTERACTIVE.
Photo Album which is built-in page style of RapidWeaver is really great. However SimpleViewer is also great as well as Photo Album.
Introducing SimpleViewer plugin !
This is a plugin which generate SimpleViewer page in simple operation. Please check this sample page.
  1. Simply drag and drop the image from iMedia Browser or iPhoto etc into image table.
  2. Easy to change the image order by drag and drop.
  3. Customizable interface by setup sheet - Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position etc.
  4. Free !
::Also SimpleViewer is ...
  1. Intelligent image pre-loading.
  2. Intuitive image navigation
  3. Lightweight (17k).
  4. Resizable interface - Interface scales to fit browser window.
  5. Cross platform - Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 7 or higher).
  6. Flash 7 detection. Users without Flash 7 are messaged to upgrade Flash.
  7. International font support.
  8. Keyboard Navigation (Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down)
  9. Mousewheel navigation
  10. Optionally right-click to open image in a new window.
  11. Free !
::SimpleViewer is the copyright of AIRTIGHT INTERACTIVE.

Please download archive here. (zip file)
SimpleViewer plugin v0.0.2U freeware ( public beta 2 - 11th Sep. 2006 )
  1. Please remember that it's a public beta. So SimpleViewer plugin might have some problems. I do NOT recommend to use this plugin for your serious web project.
  2. SimpleViewer pulugin includes SimpleViewer v1.8 itself.

known problems
::v0.0.1U public beta 1
  1. Doesn't work in all themes.
  2. The settings don't work well. (background color)

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